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Status: Completed

Fifty-two-year-old JOANNE BLANDA, divorced, unemployed, and desperately broke pawns her wedding ring to pay for her rent, only to be robbed by two street thugs. Contemplating suicide, she buys a gun at a pawn shop, but as she loads the pistol she spies on the men who robbed her. She finds them on the verge of making a drug deal involving a duffel bag filled with cash. Confronting them, JoAnne demands her purse, her life, her dignity back.


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Tio Papi


Status: Released

Wild bachelor Ray Ray Dominguez dreams of nothing more than a carefree life of indulgence in Miami, but his plans are abruptly changed when he becomes the legal guardian of his sister's six children.



1736: Somewhere to Turn


Status: Released

"1736: Somewhere to Turn" is a powerful documentary written, directed, and produced by critically-acclaimed screenwriter Brian Herskowitz and edited by George Missor. Beginning with an overview of domestic violence from the impact of the OJ Simpson case in 1994 to the year 2010, the film educates the viewer on the history of domestic violence including national statistical information. The film highlights stories of courage, survival, and hope for a safe and better future for the many children, women and families recovering from domestic violence at 1736 Family Crisis Center in Los Angeles.


Odessa or Bust


Status: Released

In the not too distant future an old actor waxes philosophically about a career that never happened and remembers his struggles on the streets of Hollywood.



Tour of Duty


Status: Released


The Raid (1990)

Payback (1990)

Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue (1990)

War Is a Contact Sport (1990)

Vietnam Rag (1990)

Acceptable Losses (1990)

Road to Long Binh (1990)

Dead Man Tales (1990)

And Make Death Proud to Take Us (1990)

Odd Man Out (1990)

Green Christmas (1989)

World in Changes (1989)

I Am What I Am (1989)

Thanks for the Memories (1989)

Cloud Nine (1989)

A Necessary End (1989)

A Bodyguard of Lies (1989)

Lonely at the Top (1989)

The Ties That Bind (1989)

Doc Hock (1989)

The Luck (1989)

The Volunteer (1989)

Hard Stripe (1989)

Sealed with a Kiss (1989)

Sins of the Fathers (1989)

Lonesome Cowboy Blues (1989)

Promised Land (1989)

Nightmare (1989)

Terms of Enlistment (1989)

Popular Forces (1989)

I Wish It Would Rain (1989)

Sleeping Dogs (1989)

Non-Essential Personnel (1989)

True Grit (1989)

For What It's Worth (1989)

Saigon: Part 2 (1989)

Saigon: Part 1 (1989)


This series offers an unflinching look at the "tours of duty" of several members of a platoon during the Vietnam War. Death is inevitable in war, and major characters do die. The protagonists face the Viet Cong, social disapproval, and sometimes themselves over the course of the series.


Until Someone Gets Hurt


Status: Released

A team of "ghost hunters" from a TV reality show travel to a supposedly haunted house, and find that they are unprepared for what's in store.


Bucky and the Squirrels


Status: Released

Back in 1968, a one-hit wonder rock band from Appleton, Wisconsin vanished in a plane crash somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Now, 50 years later, the aircraft has just been discovered with the Squirrels still inside - frozen alive. After they're returned home, thawed, and are struggling to return to their former selves, the IRS arrests them for owing a half century of back taxes. To stay out of prison, the Squirrels have to prove they can pay the money back by convincing the government they're capable of performing once again. Unfortunately, they're not.


With Us


Status: Not Released

JAYDEN CHRISTINE, a child with imaginary friends and wonderful imagination, grows into a staid, orderly, dull young woman, but her world is turned upside down when her boss hires a new creative director, RYAN EIGENBLIDET, a quirky young man who reawakens Jayden's dormant imagination.

Musical Chairs


Status: Released

When, Mia, a dance teacher, lands in the hospital after an accident, Armando, a would-be dancer who admires her from afar, persuades her to train for an upcoming wheelchair ballroom dancing contest.


The Broadroom


Status: Released


Inside the Broadroom (2009)

Alice in Imposter Land (2009)

Husband Hijinks (2009)

Episode #1.2 (2009)


Five girlfriends, all of them urban professionals, meet in a conference room to share their secrets about life, love, work, and more.


Star Leaf


Status: Released

Hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plants.


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