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Filmmaker, screenwriter Brian Herskowitz moved out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.  He soon learned that there was a dearth of roles for shorter leading men and began searching for other outlets for his creative passions.  In 1980 he wrote his first screenplay, an action thriller about a young man who moves to Tokyo to train for the Olympics in Judo and gets caught up in intrigue with the Yakuza.   

Through that script, based on his true-life experience as an international judo competitor, he uncovered a knack and passion for writing.  As a writer, Brian has completed well over a dozen feature films.  His first produced feature was a low-budget slasher titled DARKROOM.  He currently has several projects in active development including, THE ABDUCTION, THE EMPRESS OF ELSEWHERE (co-written with Theresa Nelson based on her best-selling novel), TAKE A RIDE, and FAIRIES (co-written with Pam Dawber and Andy Tobey).  He wrote and directed the award-winning short film ODESSA OR BUST starring Jason Alexander, Red Buttons, and Jason Schwartzman.   Brian wrote, directed, and produced the documentary 1736: SOMEWHERE TO TURN – about a family crisis center for domestic abuse victims, and the short film JOANNE - the story of a woman going through hard economic times and a mid-life crisis.  His latest film is the short content pilot MURRAY GHOST (MurrayGhost.Com). His theatrical stage directing credits include world and west coast premieres of JESSICA AND COUCH POTATO, SHUFFLE OF THIS MORTAL BUFFALO, CONFESSIONS, AND AVOIDANCE, CIRCLE OF WILL.  He recently took on the voice directing duties for the children’s educational program ANNIE SUNBEAM.

His TV credits include a staff writing position on the NBC sit-com BLOSSOM, multiple episodes of the syndicated series HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, and ACAPULCO HEAT, the HBO hit comedy DREAM ON, CBS’s RENEGADE, THE EXILE, MURDER, SHE WROTE, the FOX Network’s YOUNG HERCULES, and CBS’s critically acclaimed was series TOUR OF DUTY (associate producer). Brian co-wrote the FOX pilot MANTIC with Jason Alexander.   In addition, he worked as a punch-up writer on BOB PATTERSON, and LISTEN UP.  

Brian currently holds the title of lead faculty in screenwriting for the prestigious  BOSTON UNIVERSITY IN LOS ANGELES - WRITER IN HOLLYWOOD PROGRAM.  Brian has taught online for UCLA EXTENSTIONS and has had students from every corner of the earth.  Prior to that, he spent five years as the sit-com instructor for Writer’s Bootcamp.  He's been a featured speaker at the SCREENWRITER'S EXPO, and the DVD of his lecture on outlining your feature script is now available through Creative Screenwriting workshops and seminars.  He has guest lectured and held seminars around the country including the famous Chautauqua Institute in Upstate New York.

In addition to writing, Brian has been the Executive VP for Hard G, Inc. An entertainment company and spent five years as the Chief Creative Officer for Horror Equity Fund, a mechanism for developing and funding projects in the popular horror genre. While with HEF Co- Exec. Produced the feature films STAR LEAF and ZBURBS. 

Brian also serves as the Senior Vice President for Artists Media Co-Operative (THE GUITAR, THIS REVOLUTION), and has several films in pre-production; Brian produced the hit web series THE BROADROOM, which starred Jenny Garth and Jennifer Esposito and was created by Candace Bushnell from SEX AND THE CITY fame.   Brian produced MUSICAL CHAIRS, directed by Susan Seidelman (DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN), co-wrote and produced TIO PAPI, UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT,  BUCKY AND THE SQUIRRELS,  a comedy by writer Director Allan Katz. 

Brian is a first-degree black belt in karate and a fifth-degree black belt in judo.  He is the defending U.S. Masters Champion and three-time World Masters Judo Championships medalist.  He also holds a black belt in Jiujitsu and is a three-time Master's Pan American Champion, and Master's World Champion.  He is married to actress Gina Hecht and has two amazing daughters, Maggie and Bailey.



Brian Herskowitz brings you the first book in the Laura Drummond series, Conceptus.  At the age of 14, Laura was brutally attacked and left for dead. Now, 22 years later, she is a cop, a martial artist, and a military veteran. She has been assigned to a new case that has an incomprehensible connection with her past. She is forced to relive the trauma and use all her skills to apprehend the serial killer. The question is only one. Is she ready to uncover the secrets?


You can learn more about Conceptus on The book has been called “A gem” by bestselling author Marshall Karp and “It’s a real page-turner” by Gary Goldstein the author of the last birthday. If you love mysteries or know anyone that does you’ll want to recommend Conceptus to all your friends and social media followers.

While this is Brian’s first novel it is not his first book. Brian Herskowitz shares his process for writing a screenplay in Process to Product. The book came from Brian’s work as a screenwriting teacher for Boston University in Los Angeles, and UCLA Extensions. He shares his philosophy on screenwriting that allows its readers the freedom to be unique and unconventional. He also includes various exercises and real-life experiences that will help you to succeed in your field. If you are interested in becoming a screenwriter, this book is a must for you. 


If you want to read a book that Jason Alexander describes as “a must-read” then check out Conceptus.


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